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a long, plain corridor in the upper levels of a normal hotel in hamburg. coolish and clean. but the closer we get to the suite, the sweeter is the smell! it gets warmer too. beenie man definetly asked the staff to turn on the heat. the 14th of july seems to have fun appearing as the 14th of november. that's not funny at all. beenie man opens the door. kimbo. he looks slightly tired. it's not the first interview today and from reliable sources we know that it was a very short night for him. but he smiles as he welcomes us inside. suites: if i talk about suites i talk about something big, something gorgeous. german hotel-managers call anything that is a little bigger than a coffin a suite. beenie man is alone in his room. the others, the manager and the band, went out for the soundcheck. on a commode next to a tupper-box with jamaican food stands a sony vaio notebook. the dvd-screen is still open, but there is music playing: sizzla's album "black woman & child" plays softly. beenie man asks me, if the music disturbs the interview. i thought he is the one who could be disturbed by sizzla's music...
done when did you left jamaica?
beenie man when me left jamaica? 3 weeks ago. listen
done and with the family? everything nice?
beenie man yeah man, family nice. everybody feel fine. listen
done you bring kirk davis, silver cat and snagga puss with you. what make you choose them?
beenie man yeah, well, yuh see, really... tanto metro & devonte have dem own ting going right now... so otherwise me would bring dem, seen, but dere is nutt'n going on for silvercat really, dere is nutt'n going on for snagga puss really, dere is nutt'n going on for little kirk really. so, we can't mek dem suffer, yuh see. listen
done it's cold in germany! you came in one of the worst summers since long time!
beenie man yuh see, i don't really watch de weather still, yuh know, i jus' watch de audience, yuh know... an' as long as de audience come ah de show, me put some sunshine ina dem life. listen
done but isn't the german audience different from the jamaican crowd?
beenie man no, me no care about dat! yuh see, i don't only perform in jamaica, i perform worldwide, yuh know. yuh have international performers different from jamaican performers. jamaica, yuh jus' run pon stage an' chat two lyrics an' run off when yuh feel like. an' run on back an' chat two more lyrics an' run off, yuh know. beca' whole 'eap ah artist dehdeh fi please dem, see whe me ah seh? well, yuh see europe whe yuh haffi stamp yuh name an' mek people recognize yuh music different from de nex' man music. now, when it come on to europe yuh work different, yuh perform, yuh don't deejay. yuh entertain, yuh don't jump, see whe me ah seh? a lot ah people jump an' don't entertain. when yuh jump an' entertain an' dance an' do everyting ah de same time, dat's a full entertainment. dem get a full package... for one price. dem should ah pay four price... ah one price dem pay... so judges dem get every special, samy davis jr... everyman ina one plus beenie man. weh yuh ago do 'bout it? yuh nah pay more money fi it... no, yuh come back nex' year. yeah, dat's how it is. listen
done what do you think how the jamaicans will like your new album?
beenie man well, jamaican love de album, man. don't worry 'bout dat, dem love de album already. listen
done but it's somehow different from your former album.
beenie man well, yuh see, den me nuh understan' dat. dancehallmusic have to go international an' dem haffi accept it. cause de problem is... i don't change de music i adjus' with de music. so i tease dem firs' with like "everybody talkin' of...", see? tease dem towards de years. so me nah go international now... dem dehdeh already. so dem seh "cho! ah no nutt'n new! me know dat already. him always ah do dem ting deh!" ah jus' another level still. listen
done 3 singles are already released. are you planning more?
beenie man yeah... "crazy notion" deh pon de album too, de nex' tune is "haters & fools". so we nah put out no more single from de album... jus' ah work with de album an' ting, right now. but we have "trendsetter" which is a nex' album from shocking vibes. listen
done "heights of great men" appears on "art & life" and on "trendsetter". was this planned before?
beenie man no... me take off "heights of great men" offa "trendsetter" now, ca we have to pull it in back. ah through it ah disturb we, de seller... "art & life"... so we have to pull it back off ah de road. so me tek off "heights of great men" an' "crazy notion" an' put on "ring pon finger" an' "if i had a mama". listen
done on shocking vibes website they say that there will be a video to "girls dem sugar" with r'n'b-star mya. when will they play it?
beenie man yuh soon see it, man! ca' it mek finish an' everyting. listen
done they say too, that mya is "impressive in many ways". how was the work with her?
beenie man beautiful, beautiful! nice girl! listen
done you said: "art & life" is about the way an artist paints, but the picture also paints an artist...
beenie man people get me wrong pon dat, yuh know, dem don't do it right. it's like... alright... da vinci... da vinci paint de "mona lisa"... people don't remember da vinci as de man him was, dem remember de "mona lisa". so, tinking about de "mona lisa" yuh tink of how much a greater artist he was... yuh nah tink bout de drink whe him used to drink or de weed whe him used to smoke, yuh tink bout how greater artist he was. so, dis album is to paint a picture in a man. so regardless of what yuh have to seh about me, tink about de music dat i do... an' see how beautiful my life is. it's like sizzla... on de outside he's a evil person but in de music he's relaxing... listen
done i really wonder that you listen to sizzla.
beenie man yah man. so... i don't like sizzla personally but me like him music. listen
done how many tunes do you make in one month?
beenie man no, me caan know dat, man! i mek music by de day. i got my own studio. i mek music by de day. i got dis big complex... with de office an' everyting. i even live deh. me move outta me house an' move inna de studio. a month? dat's 31 days! dat ah work, yuh know! me mek 2 tune a day. dat ah 62 tune in a month. listen
done do you prepare yourself for such a amount of tunes?
beenie man no, music jus' flow... ca to do de music... not like capleton who ah learn from a man. listen
done so you get the riddim first and then the words?
beenie man now yuh get de idea, yuh mek de riddim fi de idea, yuh get de words. or a man carry de riddim come gi' yuh an' yuh build de words. or yuh build de words an' somebody jus' "bwhuuuhh" an' mek de riddim run it. listen
done "art & life" is a album for the international market. it's not for a specific group of people. out of jamaica dancehall is still more a underground thing...
beenie man let me tell yuh supp'n. yuh see me, i die for underground. but why should yuh call de music underground when it's a world music. because down-to-earth music is not a underground music. it's a grassroot music but it's not a underground music. it's a vibes music. underground music is music whe people never 'eard before, yuh know. whe dem go so an' tek, yuh know, ecstasy an' sniff up yuh glue an' ting an' *laugh* an' yuh go ina yuh basement "bwuiwilding!!!" *makes funny moves* lord ah mercy! earlier times ina de music... underground music is not more dan, it's not... alright, if ten people 'ear de music it can not be underground anymore because people will be singing it, yuh see wha me ah seh? so, yuh haffi know whe yuh ah seh... underground is a group of people like kukluxklan. dem alone know fi dem music whe dem play, yuh see it? katholic, dem alone know fi dem music whe dem play so yuh call dat underground. beca a man seh: "sing a song from dem katholic!" how yuh ever sing a song from de katholic? yuh no speak italian! done: me speak italian. beenie: yuh a german! yuh ever sing italian? "gruusklauusbrummmdeh gluabrumdeh!" yuh deh pon dat. yuh nuh know de katholic song. are yuh katholic? done: no! beenie: dat ah de worst ting! dat me ah show yuh. so yuh call dem ting deh secret society - underground, fbi - underground, cia - underground, kgb - underground, secret society. dat yuh call underground. but through music so ruff like dem man deh, dat's why dem call de music underground, but we nuh supposed to mix up our music with secret society an' dem man deh. listen
done well, excuse me! i used the wrong word then!
beenie man grassroot music! wrong word is underground. grassroot is de real name... or ragga music. yuh nuh see people try fi change it an' seh ragga? deh poeple ah seh underground... no, ah ragga! dem try fi change it ca dem ah get fi realize an' recognize whe de word underground mean. underground, secret society come tek yuh an' dem no find yuh, yuh know? dem find yuh somewhere overdeh so dead an' den a nex' man go ah prison fi yuh, yuh know! dat's it! so careful whe yuh ah call dancehallmusic underground! me an' yuh will have tings again, yuh know! *laugh* an' tell whole ah germany too, yuh hear sa, careful how dem ah call dancehallmusic underground. dancehall ah grassroot music, down-to-earth. listen
done i will teach the germans!
beenie man so me go down pon de sidewalk me sit down with de youth dem same way, yuh know, yeah man, an' smoke weed with dem same way, yuh know, ride all bicycle, yuh know, walk up an' down with dem same way, yuh know. no badder feel seh through ah beenie man an' beenie man an' beenie man... forget de name an' de fame, yuh know. when it come to de real ting ina it ah jus' a man, yuh know. yeah man, yuh go dead like every man too, yuh know. yeah man, get sick like every man too, yuh know. yuh smoke weed like every man too, yuh know. yuh ah sleep, him ah sleep an' fi yuh bed might be bigger dan fi him, but ah still bed him have. yuh never know? raated, yuh might have a hundred woman an' him have one... an' still whe him have? woman him have, yuh know. no man no perfect, yuh know. but de work can be perfect or closer to perfect. yeah man, so what i do i jus' mek my work becomes perfection. it no perfect yet. when yuh work perfect yuh captivate de world, yuh see. an' no everybody love dancehall yet, but... gimme two years with dem, man! listen
done you made gospel tunes, country and now "the best i got" is a pure rap-style.
beenie man ah nuh rapstyle, ah rhyme me ah rhyme! rhyme, like more understandable to people who speak english. listen
done so that is your plan. and it was the same plan with country and gospel?
beenie man dat now... me get fans of ah 88 an' 70 an' 89 an' 90 year old people come ah me stageshow jus' to 'ear "shake dat body dat jesus gave you"! yes man, me know dem ting deh. so, yuh see, it depends on de fans, what yuh want, to cultivate music in me. so, yuh see, i have all de kids in jamaica runnin' behind me an' seh: "ah, beenie man!" den me get all de girls fi run behind me. den me get all ah di rudebwoy dem now, den me get all ol' people dem, den me start bring christian come ah stageshow. nobody never see dat yet ah jamaica, man! christian ah come ah stageshow? one song dem come fi 'ear, yuh know, "move to de left in de name of jesus". listen
done what will be your next musical exploitations?
beenie man calypso... jump an' wine... everyting... i don't play with music. listen
done you are also an actor. are there plans for a new movie?
beenie man well, me ah write a movie right now. when me finish it me go mek it. listen
done one interview i read started on a building-site...
beenie man no man, me build schools, man. four schools me build, man. listen
done and you keep on building schools?
beenie man yeah man, ah weh yuh ah seh, man. right now me have a school ah build down ah jamaica right now. nuff school me build, man. school? done: fi educate de youth dem. beenie: whaaa?! fi education too, yuh know. yeah man, fi di education. ca nuff youth deh ah pay fi education but dem get no learn. dem nah teach dem good, yuh know. dem learn dem nutt'n an' dem dumb, raated. bare thief dem, yuh know. how yuh can go a school an' become a thief? yuh tink yuh go ah school to become thief? weh teacher ah teach yuh? teacher ah teach yuh fi thief. done: no! beenie: yeah man, dat dem ah do, man. den yuh mother nah teach yuh fi thief so yuh go ah school fi turn thief? teacher ah teach yuh fi read an' write so yuh nuh come out an' turn lawyer an' doctorman? dem teacher ah teach yuh fi thief. yuh nuh mus' thief! teacher ah tell yuh seh dem nuh response fi yuh come out dem class an' detention an' all dem ting deh an' suspend an' expell. some school dem nuh response fi yuh. when me go ah school an' me fight, yuh know, my teacher come talk to me an' seh: "eh, gwaan fight! yuh ah get expell! yuh waan get expell an' go down ah yuh yard an' sit down an' go ah jail?" teacher stop do dat now, yuh know. teacher jus' care a raas when yuh get expell an' yuh go ah yuh yard an' yuh dead. dat's how jamaica run! it's crazy! nobody care no more! listen
done what will your schools change?
beenie man haile! me jus' bring in de school system. teach de youth dem computer... teach de youth dem de ways of de world dat dem go out an' get a millenium job, yuh see it? an' don't tink 'bout washing cloth an' clean up floor an' dem ting deh, see it? so, right now, de nex' seven years, a man will have him bachelor degrees an' wipe floor ah jamaica. cause dat ah de only job him can get. cause dem have man whe have 17 bachelor degrees over him. right now we have man weh ah run company ah jamaica weh caan spell "bread", yuh know! him can not spell "bread". him spell "bread" "b-r-e-d"! him drop out de "a"! so jamaica run. me haffi know me haffi build schools, man. ol' people an' young people who ah dumb... young people who not learning ah school an' for ol' people who don't even get a proper education. listen
done so i don't have to ask if you keep on caring about jamaica!
beenie man haile bless! ah jamaica me live, man! listen
done there is currently a dancehall-boom in germany. it seems like many heads come from hip-hop to dancehall...
beenie man dem caan let de jiggyness flow ina hiphop, man. too much jiggin'! de man dem deejay 'bout too much gold an' diamond an' dem raasclaat deh! listen
done have you heard about this movement?
beenie man yeah man, from german! seh dem no too ina hiphop-ting. ca dem nah wear no ??? an' dem nah wear no rolex! an' pure dat dem wear an' sing 'bout! listen
done what did you experience concerning that?
beenie man yuh know seh me, dem love i, man! me an' de artist name alpha blondy. man ask me if me know alpha blondy: "yuh know alpha blondy? good artist, man! yuh should link up with alpha blondy. yuh get bigger in europe... if yuh link with alpha blondy yuh get bigger in europe." an' den me come ah germany an' dem ask me if me know mr gentleman. me no know him. no, i 'eard of him. from i come to germany is jus' pure mr gen...: "do yuh know mr gentleman?" like i'm supposed to know every artist. listen
done richie stephens produced with gentleman and tolga, degree made a combination with tolga. tolga is a turkish artist...
beenie man ah, me tell yuh how missah man stay: me have me company, me have me complex, yuh see, if yuh no come deh me no know yuh. me caan go outta road... or me caan seh "bwoy, me remember dat breder deh!", yuh know. no, me caan do dat, man! mr gentleman ah di artist from germany? done: right! beenie: an' de nex' artist, de turkish artist... done: tolga! beenie: weh de song name? me have it pon video, man! dem deh pon video. an' richie stephens deh pon it. me see dat video deh, man! but me know dem! dem bad yuh fuck! dem wicked, eh man?! me know seh... den me know dem... but me no know, me never see dem yet... life, meet dem or... if me no meet an artist me caan seh me know him, yuh see it? me know him work, yes! member one time with him still. yeah, me know some artist weh me know... from india yuh have a deejay name indian apache! bad, yuh know! him deejay patois! "number one upon de bombay-chart..." him wicked, yuh know! him wicked, man! me an' him deh tour ah japan. done: who win de worldclash? beenie: japan, man! mighty crown! bad, bad, bad! me go ah japan perform ah tokyo! me an' indian apache. 180.000 people! shhhhhh! perform fi 3 hour! dem get mad, man! japanese dem seh: "beenie man!" ca, yuh know, dem 'ear 'bout a lot ah artist an' when dem come deh dem disappoint. people tear off dem cloth. naked gal deh ina de place. mad! rain start ah fall - jesus christ! - de people deh ah get mad. mad, yuh know weh me ah seh? ah beg dem haffi beg me fi come offa de stage, ca so me is a man working, when de energy ah flow, me flow with it, man! as long as dem ah go, me haffi go too, ca me caan run outta music. de amount ah music weh me sing, dem know every song weh me sing. every song me draw dem sing. an' through dem ah sing, so it nicer fi yuh, yuh 'ear! beautiful, man, like ina germany one day... cologne! me go ah cologne an' me see de people dem an' me seh: "me ago mush up dat show yah today! an' dun ina it!" yuh see, it was my first festival ah germany. i have to mek me name here. now, dese ah de tings weh yuh supposed to know. no care how big yuh is an' don't care who yuh is! done: first time! beenie: yuh fi fred! yuh 'eart it ah beat so: "bo bo bo bo bo!" butterfly ina yuh belly an' all dem kind ah ting deh, yuh trimble, yes, yuh ah trimble! a man fi see yuh an' seh: "eheh, ah de first time yah, missah man?" ah fred ah dem people deh, but when yuh walk out deh an' play confidently an' hear de first "rae!" yuh confidently from deh, ca yuh know seh once dem seh "rae!" fi yuh, yuh know yuh nah go stop waan 'ear a "rae rae!", yuh know. so when yuh go so "bap!" first tune, "bap!" second tune, "bap!" third tune! yuh no ease up an' wheel up like a reggae yuh ah sing! it's like reggae dun an' "blumblum!" an' one song dun an yuh "rae!" an' it start again. my perfomance ah too long if me do dat! a whole day me woulda perform for! me haffie medley me song dem. *telephone rings and beenie man talks shortly on the phone* listen
done i hope you are not under pressure?
beenie man all is me waan get some sleep ca me nah sleep las' night but it look like it's impossible. listen
done have you been raving in berlin?
beenie man no me no ravin'! me go ah studio las' night. listen
done you played until 2 o'clock in the morning.
beenie man an' me ah play till 2 o'clock. i'm just roboting... *the telephon rings again - it's rodigan - beenie answers the telephone*: "robot?!" listen
done ah david rodigan. he did a lot for reggae music in europe?
beenie man whaa?! ah me hero dat, man! when me a lickle boy an' deh ah inglan', yuh know, me run way an' live ah foreign... wha'? david rodigan... me love him, man, me ask him, deh man seh: "beenie man, yuh should go home, man! shouldn't be here!" me go ah america... me see top makesh (???), she tell me de same ting! me seh: "how seh most people ah tell me de same ting?" me go ah mi yard, yuh know! listen
done can you imagine to make a tune with a german artist?
beenie man me ah tell yuh... yeah man! whe ah do dem ting deh, yuh know, whe ah nex' album deh? german an' french.. mix up de two ah dem together an' get ah turkish artist put him an' really balance it... jus'... me have sense fi dem man an' carry dem come ah shocking vibes an' bust de place! yuh tink me ah ramp with europe? but wait, jus' gimme two more years an' see if me nah control europe. yuh know seh alpha blondy! den me write a raasclaat tune an' do a good video! dun de place! dem nah get me out, man! no, me nah go nowhe'! listen
done you heard about pionear, the german producer?
beenie man pionear is a german man? listen
done he made for example the bitch riddim. have you heard it already?
beenie man yeah, me deejay pon it las' night! listen
done you said in a interview with spex that the bobos tried to kill you. that can't be because of this line in "who am i".
beenie man ... one fuckin' line... listen
done the line was 'misunderstood' by capleton. are you now more careful with the words you use for your lyrics?
beenie man yuh see! if yuh a musician an' i go: "zim zimma! who got de keys to my bimma? who am i? de gals dem sugar! so, how can i mek love to a fellow?" dat's de whole bar! if yuh go: "so me seh...!" or "'ear me now...!" yuh run off de bar! yuh have to go straight an' seh: "in a rush, pass me de keys to my truck!" ca if de bar is gonna break! "burumbumbudumbumbudumbaf! so! in a rush pass me de keys to my truck!" when yuh go: "how can i mek love to a fellow?" dat's a question sign! into de comma... it look like idiot! so when yuh get irritable an' "who rae rae rae! excuse man ah look..." yuh seh: "no excuse, ah intelligent, yuh fuckin' idiot!" ina de music yuh have 8 bar ina every bloodclaat punchline... excuse me language! done: no, it's ok! :) beenie: yuh have 8 bar ina every punchline, seen? an' yuh now, as yuh sing a song, watch yuh now. after de sixth bar an' den cut an' deh pon "wadadadeng, wadadadandeng, in a rush..." no, yuh go straight, beca de problem is, if yuh mistake de music, a nex' man love it, yuh see? g'weh, man! me no response fi when yuh walk deh! yeah man! "lovely morning...." i love dis song, excuse me, hear whe me seh? every morning me play dat one song! listen
done what is the message behind the tune "heights of great men"?
beenie man well, "heights of great men" ah fi capleton, yuh know! ca de man ah gwaan like him too hype! so me tell him seh, me nuh jus' come, yuh know, me inna de music fi 22 years, yuh know, me inna de music before him, yuh know! yow, before him get him new teeth dem, dat him caan come smile... *laugh* yeah, ah him try fi tek my life, so me jus' stay far from him, yuh know! listen
done is it only he or all bobos who want see you dead?
beenie man all de bobo dem, man! ah sizzla too, man! listen
done that is why you must fight them all...
beenie man me haffi defend meself! listen
done i never heard anthony b launching verbal attacks...
beenie man ah one bredrin, man! listen
done but he is a bobo!
beenie man me nah fight 'gainst all bobo! listen
done in "heights of great men" you accuse the "firemen" to burn lesbian, gays and clinton and claim that they follow selassie i's way!
beenie man eheh, but dem sign to death??? dem bun gay, yuh know, an' bun lesbian an' faggot, yuh know, dem sign to death???, yuh know! ??? man. me no deal with dat! listen
done i read versions of the bible where it says: "if you see 2 man laying together like man and woman they shall be put to death!"
beenie man yeah, dey shall put to death but king selassie i tell i seh: "i & i shall be profile as water ca de dragon is a myth!" dragon is a myth for de devil, when de devil come de people ah seh de dragon ah come! de devil ah walk with a ball of fire, yuh know! dem have de devil an' imhotep, yuh know, fight fi de land ah egypt, yuh know! den imhotep seh: "me no waan de devil in yah!", yuh know! dat build de river nile an' spread love across africa, yuh know. so god destroy de evil people with fire. so yuh fight fire with fire! if yuh ah evil, so me bun yuh up with fire, beca yuh evil. i no evil, so how yuh come bun fire pon i? listen
done about fighting fire with fire. how is your relation to bounty killer?
beenie man bounty killer ah baby, man! let me tell yuh supp'n bout me: i am from de foundation... of de dancehall music, see it? what i used is: yuh chat a lyrics an' me chat a lyrics, yuh chat a lyrics an' me chat a lyrics! dat's what i used to! so, deejay now come ina de business an' feel seh dem can talk one bad lyrics an' me run. no, me have one bad lyrics too fi deejay! so my time fi deejay! done: counteraction! beenie: so me chat a bad lyrics an' give back de mic yuh chat a bad lyrics, my lyrics is badder dan yours so me get more forward dan yuh. so yuh dead. me nah have it as nutt'n me have it as competition, bounty killer tek it serious! so me haffi look pon him an' seh: "king, don't be serious ca me have me license pistol an' i will shoot yuh!" de war dun! so wha? yuh ever fight me an' me have me ting. i will shoot yuh! listen
done in an interview in germaican observer lexxus mentioned that the people use to compare lexxus with you. what do you say about this?
beenie man no, yuh see lexxus! him come offa a beenie man style, but him kinda pon him own ting now... me love dat still! done: wicked style! beenie: yah man, bad, man! good artist! him come offa ah beenie man ting but, yuh know, him try fi trail him own ting now! but him ah dance pon stage an' him ah seh "bwey!" an' do tings an'... done: an' dis uh-uh ah-ah-ah! beenie: yeah, an' people really ah seh: "ah beenie man ting dat! whe yuh ah do? yuh can't do dat!" listen
done "original tune" and "world gone mad" are both in the style what made lexxus popular! ward 21 use that style too. what is your opinion? who came first with it?
beenie man ah my style, man! ah nuh who come first with it! ah my style, yuh know! me mek style, me create de waves! wave ina jamaica ina fi dem people ears! listen
done your tune on mad sex. "pum pum gone a lead" what does it mean? (misunderstanding: the tune is called "pum pum gona lead" - lead = leader, not lead = copper)
beenie man "gal, yuh pum pum gona lead..." dat ah de tightest pum pum! "ca yuh ah sex ten times ah de week an' still caan cross yuh feet" yeah, dat is me! raas... an' draw fi de tune de "pum pum gona lead"! a bad tune, yuh know! "right ah now me deh pon pum pum promotion! me nah go tek no pum pum vacation! me is ah prisoner me jus' get probation an' me waan link up with a bag-a-gal! ca badman buy pum pum, rent pum pum, thief pum pum, borrow pum pum, trus' pum pum, lickle pum pum, thight pum pum..." listen
done goofy, buccaneer and degree turn producers. you produce your own tunes too. more in the background. what tunes did you produce on "art & life"?
beenie man "art & life" me produce all ah de song dem pon "art & life" but i'm jus' not de producer! i arrange an' organize all de songs, tell de producer what to do! yeah, all in my own studio! so dem have... shocking vibes ah my ting, yuh know! every song dat come outta shocking vibes ah me produce dat. de problem is, i can not sing record an' be de producer ah de same time. an' den be a manager ah de same time! yuh haffi hire people who do yuh job! so if yuh produce a song an' yuh know seh yuh ah hire paul tyrell fi be de producer, yuh gonna put his name pon de record. produced by paul tyrell! but paul tyrell caan get no rights if yuh nah gi' it. ca if yuh write a statement it's yuh name deh pon it! moses davis! dem no haffi do nutt'n yuh don't haffi get no rights or nutt'n... de money is yours! yuh pay everybody! so, shocking vibes run like dis now: paul tyrell want a car, him have no money we buy it gi'm! him work back an' pay back de company! tanto metro want a car, him no have it, de company use dat money an' buy de car deh gi' tanto metro. him work back de money an' pay back de company! so somebody else can get a nex' car! yuh want a house? me buy a house gi' yuh! once yuh work back de money an' pay back de company a nex' man want a house, we buy him a nex' house! so everybody can get a house on dat same money! so yuh buy... seh ah foreign an' me buy a house fi 10 million come gi' yuh! a man want a house fi 5 million so me can use half ah de money deh buy a house gi' de man! a nex' man want fi 5 million. 2 house dat! so yuh work back dat 5 million an' me 5 million deh... 5 million from me 5 million from yuh. den a nex' man want house 3 million we buy gi' him! dat's how shocking vibes run, yuh know! so de money stay ina de family! so money keep rolling back! an' it's not like yuh nah go have work weh yuh can not pay back de money, yuh know! we'll find work an' gi'it to yuh! yeah, no problem! we jus' keep de money rolling within de company! so yuh don't poor! yuh don't die a pauper! yuh family nuh suffer! everyting alright! yuh can deh pon tour, supermarket go every week, credit card bill pay, everyting! it's your money! it's not de company money! it's your own! but dem spend it fi yuh an' dem spend it careful! an' dem gi' yuh a lis' ah everyting weh yuh spend after, alright, an' seh dis yah fi spend dat ago spend an' "whe' dat come from? me no know dat!" de company put it back an' nah tek no blame! alright, me put it back "whoop!" yuh no know whe' it come from? "whoop!" put it back! simple, no argument nuh ina it! so yuh no haffi cuss an' seh "uh, me ah leave ca man ah rob!" no! an' den after yuh find out whe' de money come from yuh pay dem back! an' seh: "yuh know seh, ah me deal with dat money deh!" yuh jus' gi' dem back! ca' honesty is de only ting weh can keep a relationship together! done: dat's right! beenie: yeah man! dat's how shocking vibes run! listen
done what are your future plans concerning shocking vibes?
beenie man can't tell yuh 'bout me future, yuh know! tomorrow promised to nobody! listen
a tired but still really nice beenie man released us with the words: "may god guide you, ca me caan come!" we don't really believe that he wanted to join us, cause there was still this huge tupper-box with original jamaican food on the table and during the whole interview he always kept an eye on it. when he perfomed later this evening he wasn't tired at all. only hamburg seemed to be a little lazy. well, beenie man will surely come again and hamburg will get a next chance to prove that they can rock.
additional information on the beenie man myspace site www.beenieman.com
interview by done for sound-everest.com